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Would you like to get your church into 190 countries so people can be discipled through your Church Media content daily? 

GODVO helps Churches like yours “make disciples” of all nations through giving the world a free app where people can watch your Church Channel UNLIMITED.


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  Personal TV Channel that streams live 24/7
  Android, iOS, Chromecast, Apple TV apps
  Build a following of new members
  Includes donations button, or link
  Get your Church into persecuted Nations
  “Unlimited” viewers
  Users can watch anytime, anywhere
  150,000+ users and growing
  Give seekers a Free App
  Reach 1 Billion people together

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Reach the world’s most passionate and diverse community of Christian viewers. No matter what kind of media you make, your audience is here.

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We’ve created an Auto-pilot video curation system, so you don’t have to do any work.

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GODVO connects you with Christians from around the world, now you can build a global audience.

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