What does the future of Christianity look like in the “experience” age?

By September 26, 2016NEWS


The Information Age is over; welcome to the Experience Age. Thanks to mobile screens and Internet everywhere, we’re now entering the “Experience Age.”

How will today’s church reach the “unchurched” of the future?

There are thousands of Millennials using Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook daily. If the church is serious about “The Great Commission” Jesus talked about in Matt. 28:16–20, then it has to go to where the unchurched lives everyday; the smartphone.

Statistics show that more people spend more time in front of their smartphone then they do going to Church. Americans spend 3 hours a day on smartphones. 89% of time is spent in apps on mobile devices versus non-app activity.

GODVO is redefining how people “experience” churches.

GODVO believes the future church will be “experienced everywhere” beyond just a building space. It has a vision to help the church expand it’s reach to connecting people to faith-based content. Jordan Nassie, founder of GODVO says, “What is really cool about GODVO is that it’s taking Church content that sits on websites and delivers it to people’s daily lives. Many people have never heard about new christian music artists, mission groups, churches or pastors until watching GODVO. GODVO apps are giving people the ability to discover fresh, new content which would take them years to discover on their own.”

GODVO is the easiest way to instantly distribute a 24/7 TV Church channel across everyone’s favorite devices.

The company has brought its “casual” video-viewing platform to Apple TV, Android, iOS and is currently expanding to other app platforms. GODVO primarily aggregates and curates free video content from around the web, including sites like YouTube. GODVO gives the curating power to the churches to update, organize their channels content and update their viewers through push-notifications. Videos are organized into interest areas, like church, music, ministries, missions, education, kids and more. Nassie says, “What GODVO has invented goes beyond the Netflix and Hulu experience because GODVO helps Brands and Organizations build a following. We have integrated a follow button on every channel so users can stay up-to-date on what’s happening with the channels they love.”

GODVO’s goal is to make Christian TV “free” for the entire world. Nassie says, “If the gospel is a free gift, why not make it free for people to hear and watch it.” Founded in 2016, the Orange County-based company GODVO is currently expanding it’s apps into the top 12 languages; including Chinese, Spanish and Hindu.

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