The Digital Jesus

By September 26, 2016NEWS


What will the digital future hold for Jesus?  

How is Jesus Christ engaging followers in the era digital media?   If Jesus Christ were alive today, how would Jesus engage his followers and what would his ministry look like?

Jesus has a larger following today then he had over 2,000 years ago when he walked shores of Galilee.  Thanks to digital media, Jesus now lives on mobile devices, in pockets throughout the world and is watched by millions of his followers daily.  His message is still the same, but in a new format and it now spread through Likes, Shares, Re-posts, and Live feeds on apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Periscope and Snapchat.

How the Digital Jesus meets people?
The fastest-growing church no longer meets on Sundays in a “Brick-and-mortar” church building, but instead Digital Jesus followers follow him on a page on Facebook called Jesus Daily.  Jesus Daily has over 28 million devoted followers and Jesus Daily post images and the words of Jesus daily, just as if Jesus was actually meeting up with to his followers on a regular basis.  People have busy lives and Jesus knows this, that is why Jesus Daily is paving the way for Christians to meet with Jesus in digital form.

How the Digital Jesus Communicates?

If Jesus wanted to communicate his message today, he would be using Instagram.  If you are on Instagram and are into Jesus then you have probably heard about Digital Jesus through @instagodministries and @instapray.  Followers of Jesus can now receive Jesus post and photos of inspirational quotes from him through following these Instagram ministries.  To many followers, it’s actually feels as if Jesus is communicating with them in their present time period.  Jesus is still talking today!  These posts give Digital Jesus followers inspiration for living a life for Jesus and can message him back by saying “Amen.”

How the Digital Jesus is going VR?
Many Christians are waiting Jesus’ 2nd coming, but for many that grand debut is not very far away.  A Jesus Virtual Reality Movie is coming to a theater near you and you can be sure many will feel a connection to God through this new digital medium.  The 90-minute film of Jesus, created by Autumn Productions and VR production company VRWERX, will reach audiences on all major devices, including Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, the HTC Vive, and more.  Think about it, Jesus will soon come to millions of people in a radical new digital format, unlike the world has ever seen before.

For many digital Jesus followers, the best is yet to come!

BIO: GODVO is a Southern California based Company bringing Free Christian TV to the world.  GODVO has TV apps with 100+ church channels and is set to change the “trajectory” of Christianity globally and close the gap between the Church and the “church-leaving,” “cord-cutting” culture.  GODVO’s vision is to bring all churches to all people through free “faith-based” television, giving users the freedom to watch and follow any church, at anytime.  GODVO is reaching people where they already spend most of their time, on their mobile devices, and gives them an alternative to attending church just on Sunday mornings in a building.  For many, finding the right church is hard and even harder is finding the time to go.  GODVO believes God “is not far from any one of us,” (Acts 17:27)  and everyone should have an easy way to connect with God daily, even if they cannot make it to a Church.

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