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GODVO is a 100% free online television service broadcasting live channels 24/7 hand-picked by people who love God. Use GODVO as your daily devotion for your connection with God.

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“Good way to get into the word and stay connected I can even keep up with my favorite preachers and musicians this app is awesome thank you and God Bless“ – user

“This app is absolutely incredible. You get a lot of the best churches, ministries, praise and worship groups, and more…all in one place, and to top it off, it’s all free! A definite “must have” app for any Christian.” – user

Best Christian App of the year!!!!! If you’re a Christian, this is a must have!!!!!!! – user

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“A new app could allow believers in Saudi Arabia, Iran and other countries that persecute Christians to regularly access church.” Read Full Article

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Our Mission

Bringing ALL Churches to ALL People through Free Christian TV.

Real-time Outreach Map

People are cutting the cable cords…


Of digital media time is spent on Smartphone apps


Amount of time Americans spend a day on mobile apps.

3 in 10

Unchurched people say Christian media is their Church


Countries now have GODVO apps

Watch Anytime, Anywhere

Watch your Christian TV without interruption, stream everything you love!


GODVO brings you instant access to all of your favorite Christian shows, the hottest new series, videos and great music, all in one place. Watch on the go, anytime and everywhere. GODVO has an amazing library of faith-based content for every person who wants daily hope and inspiration in their life. GODVO is your daily source for Christ-centered, faith-based television perfect for you and your family.



SnapChat Gen TV

GODVO is ranked #1 on the app store for Jesus TV.  The Snapchat generation no longer wants to go to church at a set time, at a set location.  Instead they want the church to come to them; where they live, where they work and where they watch media.


GODVO is currently in 10 languages including English, Spanish, Arabic, Korean and more.


With GODVO your church doesn’t have to worry about updating your TV Channel content, our team will take care of everything so you can focus on pastoring people.

100+ Channels

Get access to TV channels hand-picked by people who love God.  Content is always fresh and most of all you will feel the presence of God!

Live 24/7

Get churches live 24/7, any time of the day.

Vertical Video

We are taking the lead when it comes to futuristic video technology.  We have integrated “Vertical Video” on all our channels, it’s how the next-generation will watch video in the near future.

Amazing Features!



  • Watch the latest videos from your favorite Churches, Pastors, Sermons,  Music and Ministries.
  • Enjoy “casual-viewing” so you don’t have to work at watching great content.
  • Stream popular videos hand selected by people who love God.
  • Follow your favorite channels.
  • Channels can notify you on new videos and the latest shows that come to their channels.
  • Choose popular programs from Church, Missions, Music, Kids, Education, and Ministries.
  • Share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and SMS.
  • We are always looking to add new music, movies and church channels to GODVO.
  • Need prayer?  Get prayer by sending GODVO a prayer request.
  • GODVO acts like a daily devotional because we give you Jesus content 24/7, every day!
  • New videos added daily to each channel so you will never get bored.
  • Submit “feedback” so we can keep making our App better.
  • Easy Facebook login.
  • Your Daily connection with God.
  • Stream “live” to your Smart TV with Airplay and Chromecast connection.


TV your whole family can enjoy!


GODVO has added the “connect” button so users can shop, donate and partner with you.


Mobile giving has increased in the last year.

1 in 4

Donors use mobile devices to discover nonprofits they were not previously aware of.


Of Americans shop online at least yearly.


Interactive TV

Now your Channel can become “interactive” with your audience.


  • Enable the “connect” button!
  • Connect to your Donation website to let people donate to your Church
  • Connect to your Partner page, so people can join your Ministry
  • Connect to Amazon so users can buy your book
  • Connect to iTunes Music so users can buy your Music once they have watched your Music Videos
  • Connect to users in many different ways, you choose the best way for your audience to connect with you!